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e-Dravya is the Dravya Guna mobile application which is first of its kind. Apart from searching the information about the medicinal drug of your interest, you can also explore the drugs based on certain criteria which is present only in this app as on day. Currently there are 289 drugs and we will keep updating the drugs that are relevant for Ayurvedic students and Practitioners.

How to use the App:
There are two sections-
Search by drug:

  • You can click on the button and start typing the drug you want to explore. App will suggest you the name and select the drug from the drop-down box and click on search button. You will be taken to the page where you will get the information of the drug like its Rasa, Guna, Veerya, Vipaka, Doshagnata (limited to shamana) and its action (karmukata and rognanata combined and repetitions were removed. Ex. if the drug is having kustagna property then the same includes kushtahara, kushtaroga nashaka, kushtarogahara, etc)
  • If you want to compare two or more drugs in terms of their Rasa, Guna, etc, you can click on the ‘+’ mark and keep adding name of the drugs followed by clicking on search button. You will find all the drugs of your choice in one page and you can keep comparing their Rasa, Guna etc by clicking on ‘ ˅ ’.
  • There is an ‘External link’ button by clicking which you will be redirected to ‘Envis’ page where you will get information of the drug pertaining to its
  • Family name
  • Habit
  • Distribution
  • Herbarium
  • Names in different languages
  • Parts of the plant used
  • Trade name
  • Image of the drug
Search by criteria:
  • This is the uniqueness of this app. Here you can click of desired criteria like Rasa, Guna, Veerya, Vipaka, Doshagnata and actions and explore the drugs having those specific criteria. Note: more the criteria you select, the output will be precise. Ex. If you click on Guna 1 button under Guna, you will get the options of gunas. For example, let’s take ‘laghu’ guna. By selecting this and clicking search button, you will get 189 drugs with laghu guna property. Now I will add another criteria of ‘Madhura’ Rasa by selecting the same in Rasa category. Initial 189 drugs of laghu gunas are now reduced to 69 drugs. i.e there are 69 drugs with laghu guna and Madhura rasa. Going further I will now add ‘VataKapha shamaka’ property by selecting the same in Dosha category. Now the drugs are reduced to 12
  • You can mark the search as your favorite by clicking on ‘♥’ so that next time you can find them ‘Favorite’ category
Limitations of the App: You can search drugs only by their Sanskrit names that are written as it is in the data frame
  • Number of Rasas and Gunas are limited to 3 only (that are relatively prominent)
  • There is no hierarchy (Tara- Tama bhava) in Rasa, Guna, & Actions
  • In Doshagnata, VataKapha shamana is as same as KaphaVata shamana
  • There is no Prabhava effect of the drugs in the current dataset
  • Unless otherwise specified, the terms in the Action should be considered as therapeutic effect. Ex. Action ‘Madhumeha’ means the drug is effective against Madhumeha.

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