I am working hard to provide comprehensive and verified Ayurveda content and information for Physicians, Researchers and Ayurveda students within our country and across the globe. We want it to be the web destination for those seeking online information about Ayurveda. This involves Information, Human resources, and technical support for which we need your help. We are planning to come out with following Applications shortly.

  1. e-Chikitsa: suggestion of Ayurvedic classical formulations and drugs for specific diseases
  2. e-Pathya: Pathya and Apathya Ahara at clinician level and patient centric
  3. e-Samhita: search a word present in the classical textbooks of Ayurveda at your fingertips.

The list may go on and on as we have lot more to contribute towards wellbeing of humankind through creating easy access to information and good awareness on Ayurveda.

The current subscription charges for e-Dravya and e-Roga are very minimal. So, request you to help for the cause either through your knowledge contribution or with monetary support and make it reachable to wider audience.

Knowledge support:

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Monetary support:

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