Registration Guidelines

First, click on the sign-up page (e-Dravya / e-Roga) and fill in all the relevant details. Please ensure that your mobile number and email id are correct (without spaces). Click on the sign-up button at the bottom.

You will receive an e-mail from It may take a few minutes to a few hours to receive the mail. You might have received an E-mail in your spam folder too. After receiving the email, click on the “Click here” words for verification. Also, make a note of your password of 4 digits that are present in the “click here” line. Now come back to the application and click on “sign-in”. Enter your registered mobile No. and 4-digit password and click on “sign-in”. Now you will be taken to the Home page of e-Roga / e-Dravya application. To learn about how to use the app, scroll down to the “About App/ How to use” link.

Note: e-Dravya credentials works only on e-Dravya not on e-Roga, for e-Roga need to register separately.

Happy exploring Ayurveda !!!

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